□ You're idcfiulied your MOSl valuable customers, n You've catenated y&jr share 01 (heir ™iPel for your tjsxJsand services.

n You've studied rrtiat producís or services your customer need today and : need Epmo^r^c^'.,.■

e itou'ue surveyed what producís or services your competitors C-UtT today and w II ofler tomorrow.

h You've spolietJ whal producís Or services you should be offering

d Vou've researched tiie Pest way to deirver your pnoducts or services to customers, including me alliances you neetl lo sinke, ihe tecnnologies you Ileerl lo invesl n. and the service capabilities you need to develop Or acquire.

n You know ivhüi tools your employees need lo fostet customer relationships.

tí VÜu'vfi rdenlilied the Hft systems yotr need lo insUU/e in ceder To boost employee loyalty.

■ Itou've learned why cus-lomers defed and how lo win ihem back

* You've analyzed what yOtir conipeirlwi are doing to win your Ingli-ualue customers.

s 'four sen or management rtwitofs customer dotection metrics,

CRM Technology Can Help -..

it Analyie customer rever tie ¿ml cost data to current ant) future high-value customers. h T¿'(jd; yíJiir direíl-marteimg elicits Peiter.

h Capture relevan 1 product and service behavior dala.

■ Create new distribution

Channels, 9 Develop new pricing models, a Build communities.

Li Piocess IransaelÁns faster.

ii Rro^nde beller inltvmatior Urn írout line.

a Manage logistics and the supply chain more efficiency, a Cataryjg cúla&Oíative commerce.

n Align incentives and metrics, a Deploy Knoolertge management systems.

a Track cusloriei delecCion and retention levels.

a Traed customer sera» sal^lactian levels.

SL.hx. tlüirüiíi. hini, füdei

. F R&J'.1: .. ai.sJ Mil Ei'" -I ■.- ."■

.,) ■ 1=01.1 (yr ■ 11 crm (íjri,¡ín

flu- ■ ,1 flbt ■|F«Hlljry 2fHhij.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

As with any web site, SaleHoo has a number of features that will help you in buying products from around the world. Once you have an account on SaleHoo, which only costs a one-time fee, you can establish up to twenty named searches for products. After that, any time those items become available, you’ll be alerted.

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