Do we strive to present a realistic picture of our service to customers? Do we always chcck ihe accuracy of our piomc tonal messages? Is there regular communication between Hmpaayecs serve customers and tnose who make promises to customers? Do we assess the impart of cues such as prboe □n customer expectation?

is performing the service right the first time a top priority?

Are our employees Iraincd and rewarded ¡or delivering error-lree sen'ice? Do vvb regularly Evaluate Otir service ilesitps to identity and correct potemial flaws?

Do we W/Tt/ni/nteirte effectively with customers? Do me periodically contac: customers to nftr?r;ni:i Iheir needs and let them know we appreciate their business? Co we train ¡nut require employees W demonstrate to customers lhat we tiii about arid value them?

4. Do we surprise customers during the service process ? Ars oor employees aware ttiat the service delivery process is cur prime opportunity to exceed customers' expectations? Do we take specific steps to encourage excellence?

5. Do our employees rfigjref service problems as opportuni* ties to impress customers? Do WE prepare and encourage employees to excel In the service recovery process? Do vis reward them for providing ewepiional recovery service?

6. Do we continuously evaluate and improve out performance against customers' expectations?Do we perioral consistent^ above the adequate service level? Do we capitalize » opportunities to exceed ihe desire J serves level?

Siyrfdi.' Excel |JieJ hem Leonard L Berry and A. Parasuraman, Ktarlieting Services; Competing JtitaiQti Quskt; (Hew Itai. The F?ce P.'css, 1991|, pp. 72-73. Also see Leonard l Berry, 0» (VairÄSimce. JiifärjieL^yJi torAÄrr(Nftv Yode Tne Free Press, 19951. and Iiis Otsco/enng tteSovtefServkx (New Vtirtt Tue Free Press, 199SJ.

Companies that provide differerttlsied levels of service, however, must lie careful about claiming superior service—the customers who receive pour t rea tin en t will bad-mouth the company and injure its reputation. [Jeliveriiifc services that maximize both Customer satisfaction and company profitability ran be challenging. Upstart airline JetBlue is a lecent success. story.

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