generally in ¿heir teens through their early twenties. I tie extreme segment is of similar iigr to the hnekey players.

Of the users who are over 20, fir» percent have an Undergraduate degree qj substantial undergraduate euursewurk. c The ad 11 It users h avc a mot I in n persona I .i neom e o f 54 7,000.

Behavior Factors

■ Users enjoy fitness activities not as a means for a healthy life, but as an intrinsically enjoyable activity in ilseli.

h Users spend money on gear, typically sports equipment.

□ Users have active Lifestyles that include some sort of recreation at least 2-3 times a week.

2.1.2 Market Needs

Pegasus is providing the skating community with it wide range of accessories for all variations of skating. The company sucks to fill lit! the following benefits til at are Important to its customers:

Quality craftsmanship. The customers ^vorli hard for their money and do not enjoy spending it on disposable products [hat only work for a year or two.

Weil-tlfought-oitt deifgipj. The skating market has not been addressed by well-thought-out products thai serve skaters' needs. Pegasus1 industry experience and personal dedication to the sport will provide ¡1 with the needed information to prod Lice insightful I v designed products.

Customer Service, l-jxempiary service ¡k required to build a sustainable business that has a loyal customer base.

2.1.3 Market Trends

Pegasus will distinguish itself by marketing products not previously available to skaters. The emphasis in ihc past has been to sell sktties and very few replacement parts. The number of skaters is not restricted to any one single country, continent, ora^e group, so there is a world market. Pegasus has products for virtually every group of skaters. The fastest-growing segment of this sport Es the fitness skater. Therefore, tile marketing is being directed toward this group. iMadettoots will enable users 10 enter establishments wiihout having to remove their skates. HladeEoots will be aimed at die recreational skater, the largest segment. SkateAids, on the other hand, are great for everyone.

I'he sport of skating \vi 11 also grow through SkttteSailing. This sport is prliftaril)' for the medium-to-ad van cud skater, and its growth potential is tremendous, t he sails that Pegasus lias manufactured have been sold in Europe, following a pattern similar to windsurfing. Windsailitlfc originated in Santa Monica but did not take off until it bad already grown big In Eu rope.

Anodter trend is group skating. More and more groups are getting together tin skating excursions in cities all over the world- Tor example, San Francisco has night group skating that attracts hundreds of people. The market trends are showing continued growth in all directions of skating.

2.1.4 Market Growth

With the price of skates going down due to competition by so many skate companies, the market bits luid steady growth throughout the world, with 225 million units sold in 1999 tu over 31 million in 2002. The growth statistics for 2003 were estimated to be over million units. Mure and more people arc discovering—and in many cases rediscovering—tEte health benefits and fun of skating,

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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