airport, customers in check-in lines are approached by customer reps Wtio dired Item to the kiaste. Be there to Help. First-time users, n parlcular, need fkandhold-ing. so an employee sncwAd be available to show Ihem the ropes and to tietp ii a machine niaifuncl-'ons. if people have a good experience the first lime, they win become kiosk converts.

Maintain the machines. Machines breav fovn, partaiiarty in a rugged, heavy-use erwironmem like an airport. Delia tries to prevent self-service kiosk breakdowns instead of laving ¡o pot up "out of order sign.

Stum? John McOofmicfi, "RoHiblockThe Cn^lomor: Amîies, ftjioails, Grocery Sloresjind HcJels Ha:mg to Dcptay Self-Service Qteck-ln Debets Hive [teowiwt H» Tbngs; Baseline, A)ll 1.2003.

MONII qhing SYSTEMS Top firms audit service performance, both their own and competitors', on a regular basis. They collect voice of the customer (VOC) measiinmentsto prnlie customer sat is fiers and dissEtilsiiers, '['hey use comparison shopping, ghost shopping, customer surveys, suggestion and complaint forms, scrvfœ-audit teams, and letters lothe president, The First Chicago Bank employs a weekly I'erfbimaiiCe Measurement Program charting ils performance on a large number til' customer-sensitive issues. Figure 13.5 shows a typical chart that iracks speed in answering customer service phone inquiries. The batik will take action whenever performance Calls below the minimum acceptable level- It also raises its performince goal over time.

Mystery shopping— ihc use of undercover shoppers who arc paid io report back io iht company—is now big business: S3<H) million in the United States and Slitlft million worldwide. Fast-food chains, big-bos stores, gas stations, and even huge government agenciez are using mystery shoppers to pinpoint and El * customer service problems.

Services can be judged on c(istOifter impoftiitice and côtnpany performance, lotportance-perfprmance Analysis is used tn rate the various elements of the sendee bundle and Identify what actions are required. Table shows how customers rated M service elements (attribute^ of an automobile dealer's service department on importance arid performance. lor exâmpie, "tabdone right the first time" [attribute I) received a mean importance rating of and a mean performance raring of 2.63, Indicating Ihiit customers felt it was highly important but uoi performed well.

The ratings of (he l-l elements are displayed in Figure 13.6 and divided into four sections. Quadrant A shows important service elements that are not being performed at the desired levels: they include elements 1, 2. and 9. The dealer should concentrate on improving ihe service department's performance oft these elements- Quadrant li shows important service elements that are being performed well: the company needs m maintain the high performance, Quadrant C shows minor service elements (hat ¿ire being delivered in a mediocre

Tracking Customer Sendee Performance

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