No matter how perfect' designed artf implemented a marketing pio 2. Coniact (he conipiairintf customer as thickly as possible The gram is. mistakes will happen. Given ine potential dowuicte of ftsv- slc.'-er the company is to nespcnrl. Hie more tlissfltisfaelioi may ing an unhappy customer, it is cnfol thai the negati'.e experience tie grow and lead lo nagai'ivft vjord cl mouth.

dealt with property. As willi any marketing crisis large or small, svwft- 3 Accep1 responsibiiity for the customer's disappointment; donl iiess ant) sincerity are the key watchwords, Customers must feel an jj|gpri(; ^ cugtnnier nimedote sense thai if« nompany Inly tares. Ueyoc.d ihft ihe M- .

Qwft f^ocedures cart help to rwxw customer goodwill: 4' U5S tuil™r se™e p*** ** emfairnC

5. Resolve Ifw compta mt siviflly end to the customer s satisfaction. 1. Set up a 7-day. 24 -hour toll-lree "tiollinc" (tiy phone, lax. or Some complaining customers are not tooking for compensation e-mail) lo receive and acl on customer comp-ain's. so much as a s^n that ihe company cares.

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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