■rdustry cars wi sit unsold in dealers' tots Jo? GO days, tying up ivorkiog capi-BLV/hy have auloind oioer Djtftpan.ej not moved From Hie incflicicm "builG-to-slocV model of production to Dellls "build-to-order model? Aulo mgnufac-tjrers have inviied Michael Dell to speak lo ihem on several occasions. The rcisensus seems to be lhat Dell wort« with 50 main suppliers to pul together i S'l.QCi) PC, but a car mgnirlaclurer may tiavE lo work with supples to nut together a S20.000 car. in adoiti&n to the lechnical challenge, ihe auto ntolry faces dealer ant) legislate hurdtes.

Discussion QnestiOr5

1. What have been the key success (actors lor Del?

2. Where is Dell vulnerable? What should it walcti out for?

3. What recommeridalioris would you make lo senior marketing e*eculirtS going forward? What should ihey be sure to do with ils marketing?

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