1. The substantial speedup of International transportation, communication, and tinancial transactions, leading lo the rapid growth o! yraW Irade and investment. especially tripolar irade ¡North America. Western Europe. For East).

2. The movement of manufacturing capacity and s^lls to lovier-cost counines.

3. the rise of trade tilocs such as the European Union and Ihe NAFTA signatories

A. I lie severe dibt problems of a number pi countries. along with line increasing Iragllily cl Ihe international linancial system.

5. The increasing use of barter and countertrade to support international transactions.

f he move (award market economies in formerly socialist countries along ivilfi rapid privatisation ot pub-lidyoivned compares.

7. The rapid diss^minaiion o! global Jifestyles, fl. i he ttevelopmenl ol emercjinst markets, namely. China, India. Eastern Europe. the Arab countries, and Latin America,

9. The increasing tendency o) multinationals to transcend Ideational and nalwual cliaractehst'cs and become transnational firms,

>0. The increasing number of cros^-bortfer corporate strategic alliances—fa' example, airlines.

11. The increasing ethnic and religious controls m certain countries and retjons.

12. ihe grfji'jih pf gflobal brands across a Viitfe variety of mousfies such as autos, food, ctothing, and cloctronics

Global Forces Affect ng Marketing

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