To create elective neient'an programs, markeling managers need to 2. Does retention vary by eliice. region, sales representative, or itleolify customer deletion patterns. Ttiis analysis snould Slart wiDi distributor?

inlernal records, sucrt as sales logs, pricing records, and customer 3i Wha1 ¡s ,he benvefln retention rates and dianges m survey results. Tiie ne*t step is lo e^Tend defection reseaicVi lo oui- prices?

side sources, stich as benchtnaikintf studies and statistics Irom flrade ,.,___, ^ „„.n.^n

Malta. Some to* QUtfta to ask; 4' What liappe'15 * losL ajSl™erS"9X1 ^ ^

S. Wtial are ine relenlion norms for your industry?

1. Do customers defect at drfletenl rates during lt»c yeai? G. Mutfi company in your industry reiains Customers Ihe longest?

Source. RflprinäSif from William A. Surdon, "ATfln CUstenwrs Um,H SaUV süwksí Reports iNmemt»' 199J.i J5-

managing FPs. For example, airlines run tiered loyalty programs in which they Offer different levels of rewards to different travelers. They may Offer One frequent-flier mile for every niile flown to occasional travelers and two frequent-flier miles for every mile ilown to top cits to mers.

Maity companies have created club membership programs, Clnh membership cari he open to everyone who purchases a product or service, or it cuti be limited to an affinity group Or to those willing to pay a small fee. Although open clubs Eire good fur building a database or snagging cusiomers from competitors, limited membership chihs ate more povvurfUl long-term loyalty builders. Fees and membership conditions prevent those with only a fleeting interest in a company's products from joining. These clubs attract and keep

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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