The twelfth edition bears she tmprSnt of many people,

I:>vni 1'hil tinier: My colleagues and associates al the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Non im est em University continue to have ab hm portant impact on my thinking: fames C. Anderson, itnhert C. Blattberg, BohhyJ.Calder, Gregory 5- Carpenter, Alex Cherncv, Anne T. Conglilnn. Dawn lacohnrci. llijiak C. [ain, Robert Ko/inets, ijukshmnn Krishnauiurti, Angela fee. Vincent Nijs, Christie JVordliielm, Molianblr S. Sawhney, John i: Sherry Jr.. Louis W. Stern. Brian Stern thai, Alice M.Tybout. and And ris A. Zöllners. I also want to lliank tin: S. C. Johnson !:ainily for (he generous support of my chair at the Kellogg School Completing the Northwestern team is my fomver dean, Oohald I1. Jacobs, and my current dean, pipak Jain, lioth of whom have provided generous support for my research and writing.

Several former faculty members fli the marketing department had a great influence on my thinking when \ first joined the Kellogg marketing faculty, specifically Richard M. CltweU, Ralph West fall, Harper W. |iovdr and Sidney J- Levy, i aisö warn to acknowledge Gary Armstrong for our work on Principles of Marketing.

! am indebted to the following coauthors of international editions of Marketing Management and Principles of Marketing who have taught me a great deal as we worked ¡together to adapt marketing management thinking to the problems of different nations;

Swec-Hunn Angand Siew-Meng l.eong; National University of Singapore Chin-Tiong Tarn Singapore Management University FriedhelmW. ¡11 i em el: Universität Kaiserslautern (Germany)

Peter Chandler, t.inden Brown, and Stewart Adam: Monash and RM IT University (Australia]

2 ilemard Dubois; Groupe HEG School of Management [France) and Delphine Mancean: ESCP-EAP European School flif Management

John SaimdeTs (hjughhurouyli University) and Veronica Wong [Warwick University, United Kingdom} a Jacob Hornick; Til Aviv Uni vesity (Israel) : Walter Giorgio Scot I; Universita GtttoUca del Sacro Cliore (Italy) o Ronald E. Turner anil Pcggjf Cunningham', Queen's University (Canada)

i also warn to acknowledge how much T have learned from working with coauthors on more specialized marketing subjects: Alan Andreaseti, Chris ter Asphmd. Paul N. Bloom, John Bowen, Itoherta C. Clarke. Karen Fox Michael Maiulin. Thomas Hayes, Dipak lain, Somkid latusripitak, Hennawan Kaiiajaya. fcjell Koller. N'ancy l.ec. Suvii Macskicco, lames Ma ken, Gustave Rath, Irving lie in, Eduardo Huberto, Joanne Scheff, Xorman Shawcluick, Martin Stoller, and Bruce Wreiin.

My overriding debt continues to be to my lovely wife, Nancy, who provided me with the tinre. support, and inspiration needed to prepare (his edition. It is trulv our book.

From Kevin I.am1 Keller; I continually benefit from the wisdom of my colleagues at Tuck— Scott Me si in, Punam Keller. Kusttm Atlawadi, Praveen Kopalle, Koen t'auwels, Yiorgos iiakamitsos, E;red Webster, Gert Asstuus, and fol in far ley—as well as the leadership of Dean Paul Danos. I alsu gratefully acknowledge the invaluable research and teaching contributions from tri y facti liy colleagues and coila bora tors through the years. I owe a considera lite debt of gratitude to Duke University's lim iïettmanand Jîick Staelin for helping to gel my academic career started and serving as positive role models. 1 am also appreciative of alE that i have learned from working with industry executives who have generously shared their insights and experiences, Finally, 1 give special thanks to PunaTlj my wife, ant! Carolyn ant! Allison, my daughters, who m Lite it ail happen and make it all worthwhile.

We cuve a debt oFthaiJcs to the colleagues who joined us for three focus-group sessions that were extremely helpful in planning the revision:

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