How Business and Marketing Are Changing

A recent book entitled Beyond Disruption praises companies such as Apple. Sony, and TAG I letter for achieving exponential sales grow tit despite being in established, but stagnant, markets.11 The explanation offered for these success stories was that these companies adopted a clear vision of the proper direction in which to lake their brands mid challenged marketing convention through produti innovation, stiver!¡sing, or some other aspect ol marketing. Another recent book entitled iiaaipal Marketing spotlights companies such as Marley-Davidson. Virgin Atlantic Airways, and Boston Boer for adopting a different approach in marketing that focuses on stretching limited resources, staying in close contact with customers, and creating mote satisfying solutions to customer needs, (See Marketing Memo: The Ten Rules of Jtadical Marketing.*)

We can say with some confidence that "the marketplace isn't what it used to be," It is radically different as a result of major, sometimes interlinking societal forces (hat have created new behaviors, new opportunities, and new challenges:

CIttinging technology. The digital revolution has created an Information Age. The Industrial Age was characterized by mass production and mass consumption, stores stuffed with inventory, ads everywhere, and rampant discounting. The Information Age promises to lead to more accurate levels of production, more targe ted co minim ¡cat ions, and more relevant pricing. Moreover, much of today's business is carried on. over electronic networks: intranet, extra nets, and the Internet.

(ilolftilizittion* lech no Logical advances in transportation! shipping, and communication have made it easier for Companies lo market in other countries atltl easier for consumers to buy products and services from marketers in other countries.

a Dcrcgitliitioit. Many countries have deregulated industries to create greater competition and growth opportunities. In the United Stales, iung-disianee telephone companies can now compete in local markets and local phone companies can new offer long distance. Similarly, electrical utilities can now enter other local markets.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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