Ho N Tents

Corporate arid Division Strategic Planning 44

Defining the? Corporate Mission 44 Defining the Business 45 Assessing Growth Opportunities 47 Organization and Organisational Culture SO Business Unit Strategic Planning 51 The Business Mission 51 SWOT Analysis 52 Goal Formulation 54

MARKETING MEMO Checklist for Performing

Strengths/Weaknesses Analysis 55

Strategic Formulation 56

Program Formulation and Implementation 5ß

MARKETING INSIGHT Marketing's Contribution to

Shareholder Value 58

Feedback and Control 59 Product Planning: The Nature and Contents of a Marketing PJan 60

Contents of the Marketing Plan 6Û MARKETING MEMO Marketing Plan Criteria 61 Summary 67 Applications 67 Motes 63

PART 2 Capturing Marketing Insights 70

Chapter 3 Gathering Information and Scanning the Environment 71

Components of a Modern Marketing Information System 72 Internal Records and Marketing Intelligence 73

The Order-to-Payment Cycäe 73

Sales Information Systems 73

Databases, Data Warehousing, and Data Mining 74

The Marketing Intelligence System 74

MARKETING INSIGHT Putting Data to Work with Business

Integration Software 75 Analyzing the Macroenvironment 77

MARKETING VIEMr.:' Clicking on the Competition 77 Needs and Trends 77

MARKETING INSIGHT Ten Megatrends Shaping the

Consumer Landscape 73

Identifying the Major Forces 73 The Demographic Environment 79 Worldwide Population Growth 79

Population Age Mix 30 Ethnic and Other Markets 01 Educational Groups Household Patterns 83 Geographical Shifts in Population ßd Other Major Macroenvironments 85 Economic Environment ß5 Social-Cultural Environment 67 Natural Environment 89

MARKETING INSIGHT Green Marketing 91

Technological Environment 92 Political-Legal Environment 93 Summary 95 Application? 96 Notes 97

Chapter 4 Conducting Marketing Research and Forecasting Demand TO1!

The Marketing Research System 102 The Marketing Research Process 103

Step 1: Define the Problem, the Decision Alternatives, and the Research Objectives 104 Step 2: Develop the Research Plan 104 MARKETING INSIGHT Conducting informative Focus

Groups 106

MARKETING MÉMO Questionnaire Dos and Don'ts \§J

MARKETING INSIGHT Getting into Consumers'Heads with

Qualitative Research 109

Step 3: Collect the Information 112

MARKETING MEMO Pros and Cons of Online Research 113

MARKETING INSIGHT Global Online Market Research

Challenges 114

Step 4: Analyze the Information 114 Step 5: Present the Findings 114 Step 6: Make the Decision 115

Overcoming Barriers to the Use of Marketing Research 116 Measuring Marketing Productivity 116

Marketing Metrics 117

MARKETING INSIGHT Seeing the Big Picture and Getting to the Bottom Une in Marketing 117

Measuring Marketing Plan Performance 119 Profitability Analysis 122 Marketing-Mix Modeling 125

Forecasting and Demand Measurement

The Measures of Market Demand 126 A Vocabulary for Demand Measurement Estimating Current Demand 130 Estimating Future Demand 13? Summary 134 Applications 135 Note* 136

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