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A Oounrtryivlde ad Louis ils H1 Cusicrnet SaiiSlacfiûr rating Iron J D. Power and Associates. idlings like "hese are .'mpertanï tn a custorriflrwMerKi company, bccaise ws»d oi nicuin. good and baü, spreads so quicty on me Internet.

can say thai the seller has delivered quality whenever the seller's product or service meets or excecds tile customers' expectations. A company that satisfies niosi of its customers' needs most of the time ¡sculler! a quality company, but it te important to distinguish between cmt-(bnjriFJiee quality and performance quality tor grade). A Lexus provides higlier performante quality than a Hyundai: The Lexus rides smoother, gees faster, and lasts longer. Vet hot h a Lexus and a Hyundai can he .sait.) lu deliver the same conformance qiuiiiy if all the units deliver (heir respective promised quality.

IVnal quality is the key tu value creation and customer satisfaction, lota I quality is everyone's job, jusi as marketing is everyone's job. I his Idea was expressed ivdiby Daniel Beckham:

Marketers wh^iftuVt learn the Language Equality improvement; manufacturing, and ope radons will become as obsolete as buggy whips. The days of functional mar-lie ting a re go no. We tan no lunger afford to ihinlc of ourselves as market researchers, advertising people, direct marketers, stratexists—we have m think of ourselves as customer satfcflers—ctismnier advocates focuscd on whole processes.38

Marketing managers have two responsibilities in a quality-centered company. First, they must participate in formulating strategies and policies io help the company win through total quality excellence. Second, they must deliver markeling quality alongside production quality Each marketing activity—marketing research, sales training, advertising, customer service, and so on—must be performed to high stawfanU,

Total Quality Management

The quest tu maximize customer satisfaction led some firms to adopt total quality management principles. Total quality management (TQM) is an organi/a ti on-ivide approach to continuously improving the quality of aSthe organization's processes, products, and services,

According to GK's former chairman, John F.Welch J r,'Quality is our best assurance of eus-to mer allegiance, our strongest defense against foreign competition, and the only path to sustained gr-mvth and earnings, "-:T The drive to produce goods dial are superior in world markets has led some countries—and groups of count rie s—to recognize or award prizes to companies thai exemplify tile 1 jest quality practices (e.g., the Doming Prize in Japan, the Malcolm ft aid ridge National Quality Award in the United States, and the European Quality \ward).

Product and service quality, etistonier satisfaction, and company profitability are intimately connected. Higher levels of quality result in higher levels of customer satisfaction, which support higher prices and (often) lower costs. Studies have shown a high correlation between relative product quality ami company profitability.^

In practicing TQM, however, some firms rati ilito implementation praWeojs ;is they i>ecamc overly focused—perhaps even obsessed—with processes and ¿lowfhcy were doing business, [hey lost sight of the needs ^nd wants of customers anil jîj/f_v they were doing business. In some cases, companies were able to achieve benchmarks against top quality standards, hut only by incurring prohibitive Increases in costs, f or example- scientific equipment maker Variait embraced TQM principles but found tt&elfrushingtn meet production schedules and deadlines that managers tunvfeel may not have heen that important lo their customers to begin with,

Una reaction to this somewhat myopic behavior, some companies now concentrate their efforts on "return on quality " or KOQ. KOQ adherents advocate improving quality only on those dimensions ihat produce tangible customer benefiis. lower costs, or increased sales, This boiiojii'Jinc orientation forces companies lo make sure that the quality of the product offering is m fact the quality consumers adually want,21

Husl. Moorman, and Dickson studied managers seeking to increase their financial returns from quality improvements.'®! hey found that firms that adopted primarily a revenue expansion emphasis (externally focusing nn growing demand through raie ring to and increasing consumers' preferences for quality) performed better as compared to ftrtns that adopted primarily a cost-reduction emphasis (internally focusing on improving the efficiency of internal processes! or firms that attempted io adopt both emphases simultaneously.

Marketers: play several roles in hoping their companies define and deliver high-quality goods and services to target customers. First, they bear the major responsibility for correctly identifying the customers' needs and requirements. Second, they must communicate customer expectations properly to product designers. T bird, they must make sure (liait customers' ordersare fiJJed correctly and on liirie. l 'nurîh, they ruusi check thai Customers have received proper Instructions, training, and technical assistance in ihe use of ihe product. Fifth, they must stay in touch with customers after Jhe sale to ensure iliat they a ré satisfied ànd remain satisfied- Sixth, ihey must gather customer ideas for product atid service improvements and convey (hem to Lhe appropriate departments. When marketers do all this, they are making suhstami;il rniurihtniOMs in loial quality management and cusumuT Satisfaction, ¡is ivell as if? customer and company proiriabiJi! y

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