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Larger companies, such as IliM, have lost pieces til their market to niehers: This confrontation has been labeled "guerrillas against gorillas.1*' Sunie large companies have even turned to niche marketing. 1 ta 11 mark commands a 55 percent shaToof iheS7.!i billion global greeting card market by rigorously segmenting its greeting card business. In addition to popular sub'brandedcard lines like the humorousShoeho* Greetings, liaIImark has introduced lines laigctsng specific market segments. Fresh ink targets 15- to 39-vear-old women, II till mark En Espanot targets I lispailtc card givers, and Out of the blue targets those who want inexpensive cards that can be sent for no reason."

M ¡die marketers presumably understand their customers' heeds so well that the customers willingly pay a premium, 'lout's of Maine all'natural personal care products sometimes commands a JO percent premium ou its toothpaste because its unique, cm iron mentally friendly products and charitable donation programs appeal to consumers Who have been turned off lw big businesses.'1 As marketing efficiency increases, niches that were seemingly too small may become more profitable."1

In the world of pharmaceuticals, hioieeh company Genentech stands out tor developing drugs that target liny niche markets instead of going after blockbusters like I1 fiber's I ipitoror Merck's Zocor. (-holesterol medications that rack up billions of dollars in sales;


San Francisco-based Genentech pursues "targeted therapies,' drugs aimed at relatively small subsets of patients. The drugs produce Hie same kind ol dramnlic benefit doctors get when tliey identity the specific type ol bacteria causing an inlcclion and slam it with the right antibiotic. A few years age. the company launched the firsl litghly targeted inerapy—Herceptm, a breast-cancer drug that is prescribed only to the

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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