A ÈimpW Marcel ng System labor markets, and donor markets. Figure 1.2 shows the relationship between the industry and (he market, Sellers and buyers arc connected by four flows. The sellers send goods and services and coin municat ions (ads, direct mail J tot he market; in return they receive money and information [attitudes, sales data). The inner loop shows an exchange Of money for goods and services; the outer loop shows air exchange of information.

CU ; ... Consider the following key customer markers: consumer, business, global and nonprofit.

Consumer Markets Companies selling mass consumer goods and services such as soft drinks, cosmetics, air Travel, and athletic shoes and equipment spend a great deal of time trying to establish a superior brand image. Much of a brand's strength depends on developing a superior product and packaging, ensuring its availability, and backing it with engaging communications and reliable service. Complicating this task Is the always changing consumer market (see "Marketing insight; New Consumer Capabilities").

Business Markets Companies selling business goo J s and services often lace well-lraincd and well-informed professional buyers who are skilled iir evaluating competitive offerings. EBusiness buyers buy goods in order TO make or resell a product to others at a profil. Business marketers must demonstrate how their products will help these buyers achieve higher revenue or lower costs. Advertising can play a role, huit a si ronger role may be played by (he sales Force, price, and (he company's reputation fat reliability and quality.

Global Mar Itots Companies selling floods and services in die global marketplace face additional decisions and challenges, i hey mtrsl decide which countries 10 enter; how to

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