As Figure ä, 1(h) shows, du.1 value delivery process begins before ¡here is ll product und continues while ii is being developed and afl$r i( becomes available. I'lie Japanese have fur-die r refined ibis view with the followtilg concepts:

'¿jew customer feedback. rime. CustQRiei feedback should be collected continuously alter purchase to I earn how to improve the product and its marketing.

a '/.eio product improvement ttme, The company should evaluate :i!l improvement ideas and Introduce the most valued and feasible improvements as soon as possible.

i Zern purchasing ihm'. The company should receive tin- required parts and supplies continuously through jusi in-rime arrangements with suppliers. By towering its inventories, the company can reduce its costs.

Zero setup time. The company should be able to manufacture any of its products as soon as they are ordereil, without facing fii^li setup time or costs

Zero defects. The products should be of high quality and free ol flaws

Nltmalyn Kumar has put forth a"3Vs" approach to marketing: (!j define 1 he btfhiesegment or customers (and bis/her needs): (2) define the uaUte proposition; a rid J define the itiltie naiii'nrk that will tie liver the promised service.'1 Dartmouth's Frederick IVeljsiei views marketing in terms of; (1J value tiffining processes (e.g.. market research ;tnd company scir-analysis), (2) fdhte eieivhping processes (e.g., new-product development, sou rcing strategy; and vendor selection), and iiij rttlue iieiifering processes (e.g., advertising and managing distribution}/'

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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