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Tegasus Sports International is a start-up a f term artet inline skating accessory manufacturer. In addition to the aftcmiarket ptjpduds, Pegasus is developing Skatèîours, a service that takes Clients out, in conjunction with a tor n! skate shop, and provides them with an afternoon of skating using inline skates ami some of Pegasus' other accessories such as SkateSails. The aft er ma r-kci skate acccssory market has been laVgely ignored. Although there are several major manufacturers of the skates themselves, the accessory market has not been addressed, This provides Efcgasus with an extraordinary opportunity for market growth, Staling is a booming sport. Currently, most of the skating is recreational, There are, however, a growing number oiskaliriH competitions, Including tea m-oriented compétitions such as skate hockcy as well as Indlvidttal competilions such as speed skate racing, Pegasus will work to grow diese ]narkets and develop the skate transportation market, a more utilitarian use ofskating. Several of Pegasus' currently developed producta have patents pvnding, and loeal market researcli indicates that there is great demantl for these produets. Pegasus will nchiete fast, sigoifieant market peneiration through asolid business model, long-ränge planning, and a strong management teaUi ihai is able to execute iliis exciting npportunity, The tiiree priti-cipals on the management team haye over 30 years ofenmbined persona] and industry exptricTice, Tins extensive experienee prnvides Pegasus widl the etupirical infonnatlnn as well as the passion to provide tlue skating market wiih much-ncctied aller -uiarket producta, Pegasus will seil iis produets iniiially through

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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