Erickand Cck Compaas 495

Summary 497 Applications 49B Notes 499

Chapter 16 Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics 503

Retailing 504

Types of Retailers 504

New Models for Success 506

MARKETING INSIGHT Franchise Fever 508

MARKETING MEMO Helping Stores to Sell 509

Marketing Decisions 509

MARKETING INSIGHT Making Labels Smarter 513

. ARK ET I NG MEM ' > What Women Want from Customer

Service 514

Trends in Retailing 517 Private Labels 518 House Brands 519 The Private Label Threat 519 Wholesafing 520

The Growth and Types of Wholesaling 521 Wholesaler Marketing Decisions 521 Trends in Wholesaling 522 Market Logistics 523

MARKETING MEMO Strategies for High-Performance

Wholesaler-Distributors 524

Integrated Logistics Systems 524 Market-Logistics Objectives 525 Market-Logistics Decisions 526 Organizational Lessons 529 Summary 530 Applications S30 Notes 532

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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