eBay helped facilitate the exchange of $20 Billion oí goods in 2003. Consumer Uost is the key elemenl til that success, which enitiieti the company lo grow and support commerce between millions ot anonymous buyers and selléis. To establish ¡rust. eBay tracks and publishes the reputations ot belli buyers and sellers on the basis of feedback from each transaction, and eBay's minions of passionate users have come to demand a voice in all majLir decisions fnu torn pan; makes. eBay sees listening, adapting, and enabling as its mam roles. This is dear n one of Inc coiapiiny's most cherished inslitntifjns ¡lie Voice of the Customer program. Every lew months. eBay brings in as marry as a dtueii sellers and buyers ant! asks them questions about how they work and what else eBay needs to do. W least twite a wpek Hie company Iwlds Hour-tang leteiontereaces to pell usets ofl almost every new feature or policy. The result is thai users (e Bay's customers) feet like owners, and tfiey hare taken Itie initialise to expand the company into ever-new territory.2

With the rise of digital technologies fike tile Internet, todays increasingly Informed consumers expect companies to do more than connect with them, more than satisfy them, and even more than delight them, For instance, customers now have a quick and easy means of do i lift comparison Shopping through sites like líbrate, Khopping.rOm. and I'licegrabber.coui. The Internet also facilitates communication between customers. Web sites lite l:piiiions.com and Amazon.com enable customers to share information about their experiences in tising various products and services.

Customer Perceived Value

Consumers are more educated and informed than ever, and they have (he tools to verify companies' claims and seek out superior allernalives.:f flow dieri do they ultimately mate choices? Customers tend to be value-inaxiii liners, Wit Ell n the bounds of icarth costs and limited knowledge, mobility, and income. Customers estimate which offer will deliver the most perceived value and act on ii figure 5.2). Whether ornoi the offer Jives tip to expectation affects customer satisfaction and the probability thai he or she will purchase the product again.

Customer perceived! value JGPV) is the difference between the prospective customer's evaluation of all the benefits and all the costs o fan offering and the perceived alternatives. Total Customer value is the perceived monetary vahieof the bund I o I" economic, functional, and psychological benefits customers expeel from a given market offering. Total eustoiner cusí is the b ii utile of costs customers expect 1th incur in evaluating, obtaining, using, and disposing of the given market offering, including monetary, time, energy, and psychic costs.

Customer perceived value is thus based on the difference between what the customer gets ami what lie or she gives for different possible choices. The Customer gets benefits ;irul assumes costs."The marketer can increase the value of the customer offering by some coiri-1) i nation of raising functional or emoiional benefits and for reducing one or more of the various lypes of costs. The customer who is choosing between two value Offerings, VI and V2. ivill examine the ratio VI:V2 and favor VI if the ratio is larger than one, favor V2 if the ratio is smaller than one. and will be indifferent if the ratio equals one.

Customer-del ivired líüiue

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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