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What are the sales force's objectives? is ihe sales force large enough to accomplish ihe company's objectives? is ihe sales force organized asong ihe proper principles o! specialization nerritory, market. píodbcl)?Are Hiere enough (or too many] sales managers to guide the iietd sales representatives? Do the sales-compensation level and structure provide adequate incentive ana reward? Does the sales force show high morare, ability, and efiort? Are the procedures adequate For setting quotas ard evalual-ng üertorriünce? Hjilj does the company's sa "es fcice compare to competitors" sales forces?

TABLE 22,6

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Tfie MarJuelmg Btciellanca fim'KW; Besl PtatjiOBS

Product-Driven l.'ass-Market Oriented Product Oifer Average Product Dual ty Average Service Quality End'Prmftfft Orienled Function Oriented Reacting to Oompelilors Supplier Exploitation Dealer Ex-plalaiion Price-Driven Average Speed Hierarchy

Velica'ly Integrated Stockholder-Driven

Marioel-Driven Sèment Oriented Augmented Product Offer Better Than Average Better Than Average Core-Product Oriented Process Oriemed Benchmarking Competitors Supplier Preference Dealer SWPOft Quality-Driver Ekfiier Than Average Network flattened! Organtiaticn $1akeholdflf-Driw;n

Ma rk-et- Driving

N.che Oriented and Customer Orientco Customer Solutions Oiler Legendary Legendary

Core-Competency Or ¡enietl Oulcome Orienled Leeplrcgrjing Competitors Suppliée Partnership Dealer Partnership Vaitse-Driven Legendary Teatrnvork Strategic Al liances Societal^ Driver c ']'he demtse o f ma rkei ijig i ntu I no n and the rise of market ing science, n The demise OF manual marketing nnd the rise of automated marketing. m The demise of mass marketing and the rise of precision marketing.

Tb accomplish these changes and become truly holistic with marketing, a new set ofskilk and competencies is needed. Proficiency will be demanded in areas such as;

b Customer relationship management (CUM). k Partner relationship management tPRML

■ Da I abase market i ng and d ai a ■ m i n i ng, b Contact center management ami telemarketing.

■ Pub lie relai ions ma rke t i n^ (inclutl i ng event a nd sponsorsh ip ma rketiiigl. a Elrand-bui Id ing and bmnd ■ asset m anageme n i, c Experiential marketing, h Encegrated marketing commtinicaiions.

■ Profitability analysis by segment, customer, channel.

it is an exciting time for marketing. In the relentless pursuit of marketing superiority and dominance, new rules and practices are emerging. The benefits of successfuI twenty-first-century marketing are many, hut will only come with hard work, insight, and iitspi-raiion, The words of iiineicemh-ceniurv American author Ralph Waldo Emerson may never have been more true: "This lime like all times is a good one, if we but know what io do with ii."

managing a holistic marketing organization chapter 22 72s

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