DuPont commissioned marketing studies to uncover personal pillow behavior for its Oacron Polyester unit, wtiidi supplies tilling to prllow matters and sells its own Ctimicre: brand. One challenge is trial people don'l give up their otd pilaws: 37 percent of one sample described their relationship valli their pitou as being like "an old married couple," and an additional 13 percent characterized it as being like a -childhood friend * They found that people fell into distinct groups in terms or piltow behavior: stackers {23%). plumpers (20%). rollers or folders (16%}, cuddlers (16%). and smashers, who pound their pillows intp a more comfy shape flOftl, Women were more likely to plump, vrliereas men were more likely to laid, Tbe prevalence of stackers led the company to sell ■ mere pillows packaged as pairs, as well as to market dilferenl levels ol softness or firmness.3

Marketers also have extensive information about how consumption patterns vary across countries. On a per capita basis wit bin Western Europe, for example, the Swiss consume the most chocolate, the Greeks eat die most cheese, ihc Irish drink the most tea, and the Austrians smoke the most cigarettes.

nevertheless, many business firms are not sophisticated about gathering in Formation. Many do not have a marketing research department Others have a department thai limits its work to routine forecasting, sales analysis, and occasional surveys. Many managers complain about noi knowing where critical information is located in the company; getting too much information lhat iliey cannot use and too little ill at they really need: getting important Information too late; and doubling the information^ accuracy. Companies with superior information enjoy a competitive advantage. The company can choose its markets belter, develop better offerings, and eseeuie better marketing planning.


l Wfiat Oecistons do jou regularly make? 2. Wha) nfofmaiion do you need to make these deeisioiis? Whal informalicn do you regularty get?

4. Wha) special £ludies do yotr periodical^ request?

5. What ¡nformalion hvould you want that you are nut tjeLkig noiv?

6. Whal ^formation would you hrant daity? Wefikty? Monthly? Veaily?

7. Whal marines and Irade reports would you tike to see on a regular basis? &. Whal topics would you ike to be kept informed of?

9. What oats analysis programs would you want?

10. Whal arc the lour most helpful improvements Itiat could he irade in the jiresenl marketing Mfpnualion system?

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