Design The Integrative Force

As competition intensifies, design offers a patent way lo differentiate and position a company's pre duel sand services.1-1 in increasingly fast-paced markets, price, and technology arc not enough. Design is the factor that will often give a company its competitive edge. Design is the totality of features that affect how a product looks and functions in terms Of customer i requirements.

Desigri is particularly important In making and marketing retail services, apparel, packaged goods, and durable equipment. All the qualities we have discussed arc design parameters. The designer has to figure oui how (fluch invest in farm, feature development, performance, conformance, durability', reliability re payability, and style. To [lie company, a well-designed product is unc thai is easy to manufacture and distribute. To the customer, a well-designed product is one that is pleasant to look at and easy to open, install, use, repair, and dispose of. The designer has to take all these factors into account.

The arguments far good design are particularly compelling for smaller consumer-products companies and start-ups that dorri have big advertising dollars. Thai's how one small brewery got noticed.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

As with any web site, SaleHoo has a number of features that will help you in buying products from around the world. Once you have an account on SaleHoo, which only costs a one-time fee, you can establish up to twenty named searches for products. After that, any time those items become available, you’ll be alerted.

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