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The SI.9 billion automated teller machine (ATM) makçT Dictwld is not only locu&ed on what its customers want, but looks ahead to what its customers' customers want. For instance, itie North Canton, Ohio. Company n d1 only develops ATMs thai Nave h ri g hier screens nr are easy lo install. Out embeds advanced enduser capabilities into the ATMs. These include on-demain! banking stptemenls. automate bill payment and instant crediting of deposits—with ur without ?. deposit envelope. With advances line these. Diebold's ces-tnmçrs, mainly financial institutions and retailers, can oiler pi ore services tu Iheir customers afler banking ■ hours.™

In the course of converting to a marketing oriental iocl, a company faces three hurdles: organized resistance, slow learning, and fast forgetting. Some eonipam departments (often manufacturing, finance, and KM)] believe a stronger marketing in net ion threatens their power in the organization. Initially; the marketing function is seen as one of several equally import an I ftfhctions in a check*and«balance relationship. Marketers argue thai their Fune timi is mort- important. A few enthusiasts f;o further and say marketing is the major function of the enterprise. For without customers there is no company. Etilightened marketers clarify I lie issue by putting the customer at the center of the company. They argue for u customer orientation in which all functions work together to respond to. serve, and satisfy the cuslomcr.23

The Holistic Marketing Concept

A whole set of forces that appeared in the last decade call for pew marketing and business practices. Companies have new capabilities that can transform the way they have been doing marketing (see "Marketing Insight: T he Internet Advantage"). Companies need fresh thinking about how to operate and compete ill a new marketing environment, Marketers in tbe twenty first century are increasingly recOgui/ing the need to have a more complete, cohesive approach that goes beyond traditional applications of the marketing c&jicept t isok at Puma.


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