Crafting The Brand Positioning

No company can win if its products and offerings resemble every other product and offering. Companies must pursue relevant positioning and differentiation. As part of the strategic brand man a gems nt protest, each company and offering must represent a distinctive big idea in the mind of the target market,

The Public Broadcasting Service finds its brand in a difficult position.

The average nightly prime-time ratings for public fefevrs/on's 349

______stations declined 23 percent from 1993 to 2002. During that same period, cabie networks such as Discovery Channel, is tory Channel, A&E, and Fox News siphoned off PBS viewers and experienced a 122 percent growth, PBSloyal audience is aging—the average age of a prime-time PBS viewer is the mid-fifties. The challenge is to attract new, younger viewers while stitf maintaining the quality programming that is its mission. PB$'$ identity crisis caused CEO Pat Mitefie/J ro prodaim fn 2002: "For pubhc broadcasting to be vital and viabJe, we are going to bave to embrace some changes,

A recent PBS lund drive on Hew York's Ctiaiinet Thirteen. Channel Thirteen is adjusting its programming lo attract a more Averse aucience.

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