Core Concepts

A core set of concepts creates a foundation for marketing management and a holistic marketing orientation,

Fhc marketer must try to understand the target market's nbeds, wants, and demands. Meeds arc the basic human requirements. I'eople need food, air, water, clothing, and shelter to survive. people also have strong needs for recreation, education, a ttd entertainment. These needs become uvmia when they are directed to sped fie objects that might satisfy die need. An American needs food Inn may want a hamhurger, French fries, and a soft drink, A pri son in Mauritius needs food bat may want a mango rico> leirüls, and beans, Wants Ate shaped by one's Society, Deeiäijtis a re wa ¡us Igt specific products backed by an ability to pay. Many people want a Mercedes; only a few are willing and able to buy one. Companies must measure not only hüw many people want their product but also how many would actually Ire willing and able to buy it

These distinctions shed light ou the frequent criticism that "marketers create needs" or "marketers get people to buy things they don't want," Marketers do not create needs: Needs preexist: marketers. Marketers, a long wiili Other societal factors, influence wants, Marketers might promote tin1 idea that a Mercedes would satisfy a person's need for social siattis. I bet tio not, however, create rhe need for social status.

Understanding customer needs and wants is not always simple, Some Customers have needs of which they are not fully conscious, or diey cannot articulate these needs, or ihey use words that require some Interpretation. What does it mean when the customer asks for a "powerful' laurmiower, a "fast" lathe, an "attractive' bathing soil, or a "restful" hotel? Consider the customer Who says he wants an 'inexpensive car." The marketer must probe further. We can distinguish among live types of needs:

1. Stated needs (die customer wants an inexpensive car).

2. Real needs (tlic customer wants a ear whose operating cost, not its initial price, is low).

3. Unstated needs (the custom er ex pert-, good service Efom I he dealer}.

■I, Delight needs (the (¡itstamer would Efke the dealer to include an onboard navigation system),

,ri. Secret needs I the customer wan is hj he seen In friends as a sawy consumer!.

Responding only to the Stated need may shortchange the customer. Ma Oy consumers do not know what they want in a product. Consumers did not know much about cellular phones when they were first introduced. Nokia and Ericsson fought tn shape consumer perceptions of cellular phones, Consumers were in a letiming mode and companies forged strategies toshapg their wanls. As stated by Carpenter, "Simply giving customers what ihey want isn'l enough any more- to gain an edfte companies must help customers leant what

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