Chapter 11 Dealing with Competition 341

Competitive Forces 342 Identifying Competitors 343

Industry Concept of Competition 344 Market Concept of Competition 346 Analyzing Competitors 347 Strategies 347 Objectives 347

Strengths and Weaknesses 347 Selecting Competitors 348 Competitive Strategies for Market Leaders 349

ARKET1NG MEMO Benchmarking to Improve Competitive Performance 349 Expanding the Total Market 350

MARKETING INSIGHT When Your Competitor Delivers

More for Less 351

Defending Market Share 352 Expanding Market Share 355 Other Competitive Strategies 355 Market-Challenger Strategies 355 Market-Follower Strategies 359

MARKETING MEMO Making Smaller Better 360

Market-Nicher Strategies 362

MARKETING MEMO Niche Specialist Roles 364

MARKETING MEMO Strategies for Entering Markets Held by Incumbent Firms 364 Balancing Customer and Competitor Orientations 365

Competitor-Centered Companies 365 Customer-Centered Companies 365 Summary 366 Applications 366 Motes 367

PART 5 Shaping the Market Offerings 370 Chapter 12 Setting Product Strategy 371

Product Characteristics and Classifications 372

Product Levels: The Customer Value Hierarchy 372 Product Classifications 373 Differentiation 376

Product Differentiation 376 Design: The integrative Forge 377

Servîtes Differentiation 378

MARKETING INSIGHT Design as a Powerful Marketing

Too) 379

Product and Brand Relationships 380

The Product Hierarchy 360 Product Systems and Mixes 331 Product-Line Analysis 382 Product-Line Length 3$4

MARKETING INSIGHT RationaEizing Brand Portfolios for Growth 337

Product-Mix Pricing 337 Co-Branding and ingredient Branding 390 Packaging, Labeling, Warranties, and Guarantees 392

MARKETING MEMO Making Ingredient Branding Work 392

Packaging 393 Labeling 394

Warranties and Guarantees 395 Summary 396 Applications 397 Notes 398

Chapter 13 Designing and Managing Services 401

The Nature of Services 402

Service Industries Are Everywhere 402 Categories of Service Mix 403 Distinctive Characteristics of Services 405 Marketing Strategics for Service Firms 408 A Shifting Customer Relationship 408

MARKETING MEMO A Service Marketing Checklist 409 Holistic Marketing for Services 410


Managing Service Quality 412

Customer Expectations 412

Best Practices of Service-Quality Management 414

MARKETING INSIGHT The Role of Expectations In Service-

Quality Perceptions 415

MARKETING MEMO Assessing E-Service Quality 416

MARKETING MEMO Recommendations for improving

Service Quality 417

MARKETING MEMO Getting Self-Service Kiosks Off the

Ground 418

Managing Service Branch 421

Differentiating Services 422 Developing Brand Strategies for Services 423 Managing Product Support Services 424

Identifying and Satisfying Customer Needs 425 Postsale Service Strategy 425

Chapter 14 Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs 431

Understanding Pricing 432

MARKETING INSIGHT The Internet and Pricing Effects

How Companies Price 433 Consumer Psychology and Pricing 434 Setting the Price 436

Step T: Selecting the Pricing Objective 437

MARKETING MEMO When to Use Price Cues 437 Step 2: Determining Demand 439 Step 3: Estimating Costs 441

MARKETENG ívlE I Three Myths about Pricing Strategy 441

Step 4; Analyzing Competitors' Costs, Prices, and Offers 443 Step 5: Selecting a Pricing Method 444 Step 6: Selecting the Final Price 448

MARKETING INSIGHT Stealth Price Increases 449

Adapting the Price 450

Geographical Pricing (Cash, Countertrade, Barter} 450 Price Discounts and Allowances 451 promotional Pricing 452 Differentiated Pricing 453 Initiating and Responding to Price Changes 455 Initiating Price Cuts 455 Initiating Price Increases 455

MARKETING INSIGHT Smart Pricing Takes Off 456 ;. ARKETir IG MEMO Marketing Strategies to Avoid Raising

Reactions to Price Changes 453 Responding to Competitors' Price Changes 460 Summary 461 Applications 461 Notes 463

Summary 426 Applications 426 Notes 427

on Sellers and Buyers 433

Prices 458

PART 6 Delivering Value 466

Chapter 15 Designing and Managing Value Networks and Channels 467

Marketing Channels and Value Networks 463

The Importance of Channels 468 Channel Development 469

MARKETING MEMO Multichannel Shopping Checklist 470

Value Networks 470 The Role of Marketing Channels 472

Channel Functions and Flows 472 Channel Levels 474

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