Coca-Cola is Ihe most ubiquitous brand in history Each day. people in 2D0 muñiros around irte world driiiK soate 12 !; Item fi-ouice servings of the cola.

Marketing for the tvrerty-flral century means leveraging the longtime marketing printipfeS thai work, wti le invcnlng new ways to Slav relevant. Coca-Cc:a, which got ils slatt m lflS3. Has successfully Kept its biand relevam for o'JBf 100 ^ars. Revenues in 2fl03 topped S21 hill on

CoVe'S lirst presidenl, Asa Conrfier. irsiiluted many of Llie marketing ladies lhat aie enlraiclietl principles now. To gain new customers, he printed coupons oiiering inec lirsi tastes of the Coca-Cola dririk. To btvld bnuid recognition, h? gave clocks, cilen&rs. and welgh-ntf scales with Hie COca-Cata logo to pharmacies who sold Hie drink. He hired the company's firsl celebrity, music hall perforater HilcEa Clark, in Ihe 18iK)s

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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