Wnen Roberlo Goizuela Decante CEO of Coca-Cola, maay pre pie thought that Cuke's sales were maxed out. Gc-iueta, however, reframed Ihe view ei Coke's market share. He said Goca-Cola accounted for less than 2 ounces of the 64 ounces of fluid that eatli of the worlds 4.4 iiiIlion people dranX cm average every tiny. "Tbe i enemy b coffee,milk, tea, water," he his people at Coke, and lie ushered in a huge perineal growth,

Asi ad for a CJchuk pKjduOt, Gtadware CtoroK is one of lEie jSmtpanlBS ftflt uses snodelmg to test lhe elfectr.sness [;■' i(s advertising

The Measures of Market Demand

Companies can prepare as many as !ifi different types of demand estimates (see Figure 4.-1). Demand cun be measured for six different product levels, five different space levels, and three different time levels.

Ed eh demand measure serves a specific purpose. A company might forecast short-run demand for a particular product for the purpose of ordering raw materials, planning production, and borrowing cash, It miglu forecast regional demand for its major product line to decide whether to set up regional distribution.

Forecasts also depend on which type of market is being considered, The si™ of a market hinges on the number of buyers who might eaisi for a particular market offer, lint ilicie arc many productive ways to break down the market:

1'be potential market is the set of consumers who profess a sufficient level of interest in a market offer. I lowever, consumer interest is not enough to define a market. Potential consumers must have enough income arid must have access to the product offer.

t he available market is the set of consumers who have interest, income, and access to a particular uffcr, For some market offers, the Company or government may restrict sales to certain groups. For exam file, a particular siate miglu ban motorcycle sales to anyone under lit years of age. The eligible adults constitute the qualified ttvafUtble market- -the set of en n-sinners who haw imerest, income, access, and qualifications fur the particular market offer. b The target market is the part of the qualified available market tbe company dec ides ro pursue, the company might decide to concern rate its marketing and distribution effort On the? Fast Coast. The company will end up selling to a certain number of In i vers in its target market.

n The penetrated market is the m-i of consumers who are buying the company's product.

Spacc Level f world

Product Level

/ Territory L. Customer

Ail SOliS Industry sales DofOpsrvy SSI« Producl Jinc sales Produtl lortn mies Produd item sales m

Snarl run MeCium mn Lang urn

Time Lewi

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