rooking equipment. There are also regional diiBsrertccs: People in Seattle buy more toothbrushes per capita than people Jit any oilier U.S. city: people in Salt l.ake City eai more candy bars; people from New Orleans use more ketchup; and people in Miami drink more prune juice.

Suburban growth and a disdain for commuting has helped those businesses thai cater to the growing SO HO [small office—home office) segment, Nearly -it) million Americans are working oui of their homes with the help of electronic conveniences like computers, cell phones, fax. machines, and personal organ i/.ers, Makers of H'lA (ready lo assemble) furniture might find a strong cons timer base among all the cashed-out former city residents setting up offices in small towns or telecommuting from there in larger companies, One company that is shilling gears to appeal to the SOt it) segment is Kinko's Copy Centers,


Founded in the 1970s as a campus photocopying business. Kinko's is now ieinventing Itself as the well-appointed ofta outsde Ihe home. Where oncelhere were copy machines, the 1,2DO Kinko's Stores In this country arid ahrnad now lealure a mix of las machines, ultra-fast color printers, and networks ol computers equipped with popular software programs and nigh-speed Internet connections. Kinko's is now a %2 trillion company that ofleis an unprecedented array ol ollice services. People can come to a Kirko's store to do all their office ;obs: copy, send and receive faxes, use various programs on Ihe computer go on Die Internet, order stationery and other printed supplies, and even teleconference. And as more people work al home, Kinko's oilers an escape from the isolation of the home oil te. Kinko's acquisition by FedEx in early ¿n:)4 resulted in further integration t with ttie overnight delivery pioneer,33

Marketers also look at where consumers arc gathering. Almost one in two people over ihe age of five 11ZU million! moved at leasi one time between 1995 and 2000. according to a Census 2000 brief, The brief's state-by-stale analysis clearly shows that the shift has been toward the Sunbelt states, aiway from the Midwest and Northeasi,39 From Virginia on down to Florida, and western Sunbelt states such as Texas, Nevada, or Arizona, these "ho!" si ate s arc luring more roamers, An i meres ting facet of this trend is that ibese Sunbelt siatcsare no longer seen solely as retiree itieecos, but aie luring young people to settle there, loo. Naples, Honda, is a case in [joint.


The most recent US. cens«s found thai Napies, Florida, a city ol and surrounding Collier County have been acquiring young, single, college-educated residents at a faster dip than any other part of the United Stales Once young people might liave -just visiled lhelr retired parents in Naples nr hslpetj (item move thcfe* (slow, they may move in, Asice iron being drawn by Die balmy weather—Naples has 333 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 75 degrees—Viey are templed iny employment.There ate joos in companies catering to the needs of v.ell-tudo seasonal residents and reiirees as we!l as new leOinology ventures based In and around Naples thai have won national. even international, clients and repulalions. Entrepreneurs, many relatively young themselves, have ¡Ken moving lo Naples and its etwrrons tn launch com panes m telecommunications, computer software, marketing, i other relds. Ynurg people are asking themselves Vhy wait to retire here-1 want this quality ol life now."^

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