Creating Customer Value Satisfaction and Lyalty 139

Building Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty 140

Custom-er Pcrceived Value 141 Total Customer Satisfaction 144 Measuring Satisfaction 145 Product and Service Quality 146 To'ai Quality Management 147 Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value 148 Customer Profitability 149 Measuring Customer Lifetime Value 150 Customer Equity 151 Cultivating Customer Relationships 152

Customer Relationship Management {CRM) 1S2

MARKETING INSIGHT Progress and Priorities in Customer

Equity Management 153

Attracting, Regaining, and Growing Customers 154

MARKETING MEMO How to Kandie Customer Complaints 156

Büdding Loyalty 157

Reducing Customer Defection 158

Forming Strong Customer Bonds 159

RKETING ■ 1EMO Asking Questions when Customers Leave 159

MARKETING MEMO Forming Strong Customer Bonds 160

Customer Databases and Database Marketing 1 62

Customer Databases 162

Data Warehouses and Datamining 163

The Downside of Database Marketing and CRM 165


Summary 167 Applications 168 Notes 169

Chapter ó Analyzing Consumer Markets 173

What Influences Consumer Behavior? 174

Cultural Factors 174

MARKETING INSIGHT Consumer Trends for the Future 176 Social Factors 176

MARKETING INSIGHT Marketing to Cultural Market

Segments 178

Persona] Factors 130

MARKETING MEM D The Average American Consumer

Qui* 131

Key Psychological Processes 184

Motivation: Freud, Maslow, Herzberg 184 Perception 135 Learning 187 Memory 137

The Buying Decision Process: The Five-Stage Model 191

Problem Recognition 191 Information Search 191 Evaluation of Alternatives 193

MARKETING MEMO Applying Customer Value Analysis 196

Purchase Decisions 196 Postpurchase Behavior 193 Other Theories of Consumer Decision Making 199

Level of Consumer Involvement 200 Decision Heuristics and Biases 201

MARKETING MEMO Decision Traps 202

Mental Accounting 202

Profiling the Customer Buying Decision Process 203 Summary 203 Applications 203 Nates 205

Chapter 7 Analyzing Business Markets Z09

What Is Organizational Buying? 210

The Business Market Versus the Consumer Market 310

MARKETING INSIGHT Big Sales to Small Business 210 Buying Situations 212

, ARK :TI NG MEMO Guidelines for Selling tg Small

Business 212

Systems Buying and Selling 213

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