ORGANIZATIONS Organisations actively work to build a strong, favorable, and unique image in the mi nils of their target publics Companies spend money fin corporate identity' ads. Philips, thLi [JLitefi electronics company, puis out ads with th$ tag line "Let's Make Things Belter." In the United Kingdom, Teseo's "Every Little Rit Helps" marketing program lias vaulted it to the (op of the supermarket chains in that country. Universiiies. museums, performing arts organizations, and non-profits all use marketing to boost their public images and to compete for audiences and funds.

information information can he produced and marketed as a product. This ¡s essentially what se I it) [ils and universities produce and distribute at a price to parents, students, and eosunmmtiCs. Encyclopedias and ïrtOSt n un fit lion books EbatË&t Information. Magazines such as Road and '/wet and ¡fyiesupply Information about the car and computer worlds, respectively. The production, packaging, and distribution of information is true of our society"s major industries, • Even companies that sell physical products attempt to add value through the use of information. For example, the Cl;0 of Siemens Medical Systems, Tom McCauslnnd, says, '"(our product! is noi necessarily Jin X-ray or an MR J, but information. Our business is rcnily health-care information technology, and our end prod* net is really an electronic patient record: information on lab tests, pathology, and drugs as well as voice dictation,"1'

iDr Every market offering includes a basic Idea. Charles Hevsoti of Rev I on observed; "In the factory, sve nuke cosmetics; in the store we s^ll hope," Products and services ate platforms for delivering some idea or benefit. Social marketers are busy promoting such ideas as Friends l)onli [.et Friends Drive Drunk" and "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing io Waste,"

This is tli* watdi Stephen HsIlinflsheaJ Jr.. was wearttg when he encounter«] 3 tfrivef. lime of dealft 6:55 ■■.■.<. Frieftfs Coi t Let Fr ¿wis Drive Dfwlk Aa ad from ire rriemtls Dco't Let Freinte Drive DrunSc" campaign lirgiridljes ait idea, <uj; a piotiuci.

10 fart 1 understating marketing management

Who Markets?

A marketer is someone who seeks a nspntise (alien lion, q purchase, ll vote, a donation) from another part v. tailed the pro spec I. lTlivu parties are seeking i o soil something to each other, we tall them both marketers.

\ 1 arketers are skilled pi stimulating dem and for a com pany's products, Iu11 this is too 1 im-iied a view of the tasks they perform. Jnsi as production and logistics professionals are responsible for supply management, marketers are responsible for demand management* Marketing managers s-eelj k> influence the level, timing, and composition of demand to meet the organization's objectives. High I demand stales are possible:

1. Negative ftemantl -Consumers dislike die product and may even pay ll price (0 avoid it.

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