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income has jumped percent since . to SßS2 hi II ton in ^ni» double ibe pocc of tin? rest of the population. h - r-c : n: the Foot! America its eat, to the clothing they wear, tile music they listen to, and the cars they buy, 11 is panics ¡ire having it huge impact. Companies arc scraibbluigtb refine iheif.products and their marketing to renrh this fastesfrgrpwirtg end most influential cOttsnmur group?6

■ Procter & (iambic. In 2000 tile company set up a 65-person bilingual team to better target Latino consumers. Now the company tailors its products to appeal to Latino tastes. For example, it added a third scent to Its Own detergent called "While Water f jesh" after finding tii at 57 percent of Latinos like to smell ilieir purchases.

i- Krüger. The nation's number-one grocery chain spent S I, S million to can vert its 59,000 sqUflre-foOt I lotiston store into a S t r/wnerCfäfpwith Spanish-language signage and products siteh ¡is plantain leaves und Mexican cocoa. The company has also expanded its private-label Huena Comlda line to 105 different items.

■ PadßCare Health Systems, when this Cypicss, California-based insurance company found that 20 percent (if its 3 million policyholder» are Hispanic, it set up a new unit, Latino 1 tealih Solutions, The unit markets PacifiCare healtii insurance products in Spanish, directi Hi spa nies m Sp; in I sh-speaking doctors, and translates documents into Spanish for 1 (ispante workers

I \ ill nie groups have certain specific wants and buying habits. Several fend, clothing, and furniture companies have directed their products and promotions to one or more of these groups.1''" Charles Schwab is one of the lending financial services firms serving Asian Americans with a carefully targeted marketing program.-1*

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