Buying Center Targeting

To target iheir efToris prrjperly, business marketers have to figure out: Who are the major decision participants? What decisions do they influence? What is their level of influence?

, What evaluation criteria do they use? Consider (lie following example

Buying And Assembling Marketing

Ford assembly line m action: Wmker assembling autos at Fora Mem* Company's St Thon\as Auto Plant in Ontario, tonada.

A company sells nonwoven disposable surgical gowns to hospitals. The hospital personnel who participate in thft buying decision include the vice president of purchasing, the operating-room administrator, and Ihe surgeons. The vice president of purchasing analyses whether (he hospital should buy disposable gowns or reusable gowns. If (he findings favor disposable gowns, then (he operating-room administrator compares various competitors' producls and puces and makes a choice. This administrator considers alKOrberccy, antiseptic quality, design, and cosl. and normally buys tfte brand lhal meets Ihe functional requirements at the lowest cost-Surgeons influence Hie decision relroactively Py reporting tfielr satisfaction with tlie particular brand.

The business marketer is not likely to know exactly what kind or group dynamics take place during the decision process, although whatever informal ioti he or she can obtain about personalities and interpersonal factors is useful.

Small sellers concentrate on reaching the key buying influeiicers, Larger sellers go 1'or muitileret tji-deprh selling to roach ;ix many participants as possible. Tl icir salespeople vi rurally " Iive" with high-volume customers. Companies will have to rely mate heavily on their communications programs it> reach hidden buying influences and keep current customers informed.'"

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