Brand Revitalization

Changes in eons tinier tastes and preferences, the emergence of ¡new corn potftors or new technology, or any new development in the market!rig environment could potentially affcct the fortunes of a brand. In virtually every product category, there arc c*atuples of once prominent and admired brands—Stldl as Smith Corona. Zenith, and I \Y..\ --that have fallen on bard limes or. In some cases, disappeared.'1' Nevertheless. a number of ihi'si' brands have managed to make inipiessive ciuiiHiaeks in h-ll-ih years, as marketers have breathird now life into iheir customer franchises. Brands liueh as IIreck, Dr. Scholl's and Fan [a have ;ill seen I heir bTtind fortunes successfully turned around to varying degrees,

Reversing a tmlinjj brand's fortunes requires cither that it "returns io its roots" and lost sources of brand equity are restored, or that new so i trees of bra ml equiiv Lire established. Rogprdless of Which approach is taken, brands on tile comeback trail have to make inure "revolutionary" changes than ttie'tffolutioiiaTy" changes.

Often, the first ihhig to do in turning around the fortunes of ei brand is to understand what the sources ol'brand equity were to lie-in with, Are positive associations losing their strength or uniqueness? I lave ncsiiliw associations become linked io the brand? necisUius musi then be made as to whether to retain the same positioning or create a new portioning, and. if so. which positioning to adopt, Sometimes the positioning is still appropriate: it's the actual marketing program that is the source of the problem because it is failing to deliver on the brand promise, tu those instances, a "back to basics" strategy may make sense, as was the cast with 11ailcy-Davidson.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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