Boston Beer Company

Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Coaipariy, whose Samuel Atoms, beer lias becn-ne a 1op-selling "craft" or 'micro" beEr, started out in 1984 carrying bottles of Samuel Aciams from liar to bar to persuade bartenders to carry it. For 10 years he couldn't a'lcrc an advertising budget; he sold his beer through direct sales end grassroots public relations. Mis hard work pari off. BdsIcji Beer found its sales pacing the S?nn million mark as ¡1 hecame Ihe leader in the craft beer market As a consequence, it began to spend millions of dollars on TV advertising, employ dozens of salespeople, and carry on sophisticated markeling esse arch. It discovered that conlm tied success required setting up and managing a capable markeling department. But Ihe original passion and desire to move forward remains. In 2002, Boston Boer introduced a unique, limited edition "extreme" brew, Samue! Adams Utopias. The polenl ^D-proof. StOO-a-bdllie Utopias claimcd{he official record as "The Strongest Beer di the World." "At Samuel Adams, we are conglanlly innovating and creasing new ideas (hat will pusH tiie ■ envelope and revolutionize beet dtinhers' expectations for peer." said flounder Koch,1

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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