Marketing Debate Are Greai Salespeople Born or Made?

One difference of opinion with respeel to sales concerns the potential impact Qf training versus selection in developing an effective sales force. Some observers maintain that the best salespeople are "born" tbat way and are effective due to their personalities and all ilie Interpersonal skills they have developed overs lifetime, others contend that application of lea ding-edge sales techniques can make virtually anyone a sales star.

Take a positron; The key to developing an effective sales force is selection versus The key to developing an effective sales force is training-

Marketing Discussion

Pick a company and an to the Web site. I low would you evaluate the Web site? I low well dp'es it score on ihe?Cs design ele ments: context, content, community, customization, communication! connection, and commerce?

YShooi grew Irom e Liny upsiarl surrounded by Silicon Wiley neavyv.e'.ghis to a major contendei m internet media. David Filo and Jerry Yang, hvo computer science Ph.D. students ai Stanford University, created a simp's search eng ne in 1994. Usmg a iiomeiiiade tiling syslem, me ¡iair cataloged sites on the newly created World Wide Web and published the diredevy en (he Inlernet The ordinal version was called Jerry and David's Guide (o the World Wide Web.

F:,lo and tang named l&eir eiion Yahool alter they ten school to devote toeir full attefrffon to the business. At the time, the company search engine WW unique because in addition to the standard word search features. Yahoo! offered its users a massive searcteible index. Sutlers Could Search lor sites in hmad categories like Bus-ness and Economy or Arts and Humanities They couid organize the results Qy country or region and looK al resuils tarn v.'ithin just one category. Since Yahoo1 was among ?ho 1'rst sudi Internet gu'des, the sile allracled hundreds of Ihuusands of sutlers within a year of its introduction. This early attention attracted investors, and in April 1995, founders Filoand^ng raised Si mtyioflin lirsi'iTotiniiveniurc capital

From its stari, Yahoo! corr^eyfed an iueverent attitude. Tiie Yatoo! attitude came ¡rani the top of the corporate ladder, in the personalities ol founders Filo and Yang. Ttie nvo had conceived of Yahool v.'hiie housed "in (railers full o! pizza bones." and Each of their business Cards bcxe Ihe title "Chief Valioqr Even Ihe narns contains a hildeo joke—>ai™ is a soli-deprecating acronym meaning "Yet Anolher Hierarchical Otlicious Oracle." Yaliool's marketing reflected (he company's style as well: fn one ad, Esionxis ordered a hot tub online. Each ad closed with ihe lagline' Do You yanooi?" and the agnaluie 'Yahoo! yodel," an audio cue designed to reinforce cuGiomer necaJl ol Ihe brand.

Yahool's most recent step into nteraclive ma/keting is lo oiler cdntonltral advertising on i-s site Contextual advertising means Itist ¡he commercial links On a Yahoo' page are lied lo the particular content cfl Ihat page. For example, a vis'lof ai tvirardflr'i' reading a review ol the Acura MAX will sec pad text llrtt$ advertising Ihe Accra Well site and 1he Edmunds auto comparison Site, ra'tier than unrelated cellphone ads. Ooniesluai advertising shows Ihe same links users would see il they typed 'Acuta MLiX' into ine Yahoo! search engine.

Contextual advertising appeals to ad^etl jers who are movng away Irom mass marketing toward more targeted appinaches. Yahoo1*? new ad K-'ver cre ates contextual relevance, cat-efiing a consumer or decision maker reaoing material directly related to the advertised topic.

Aflfwugn most users consider Yatwot to he a search engine, it sees itself as a place that packages ehjjenííiigcs tot consumers. A larg-s percentage of rev enues comes faun advenising, hut Ihe company continues to supplement ns revenues inmugh subscription sources sucri as anline personal ads. premium e-mail products, and services lor small businesses. For example, Yatinol teamed with telecom company SBC to sell branded high-speed inlernet serves hundled with Vaheo! services and premium e-mail. SBC Communications pays Ifchoc! an estirnaied SJ.10 per month tor every customer on the service. ft>.s lets fthgp! increase ds revenues dlhoul naviug lo sell premium services one cusicmef at a lime. Yanoo!hs nonsearch advertising grew by 31 percent in the founti quarter of 2003. twice the rato ol olher specialised content sites.

Irattool's H'jn main advantages Over search engine rival Google are its vas; array ol original content and a database with inforiKation about its 133 million registered users fly knev. ng v.'iierp searchers live and what Uiuir interests are Yahoo! liEheves it can piesent ifwn wiin hath more relevant search results aiid more iocused advertising,

Tfthoo' is also alinading iradilional advertisers like Pepsi and Forri. Yahool's ad lor the fcrd Exploier. tor example, featured sound effects simulating an engine with animation that made me Web brow-set appear to shake. To announce its new Ford F -150 (ruck. Ford created an ¡nieraCiive 3-D ad and purchased roadblocks (ads thai tvc^v&ers must click ihrough to reach oitier contení) on We first day of its launch at Yanoo! as well as ^fS^J and AOL

Discussion Questions t What have been Ihe key success factors lor Yahoo1?

2. Wnere ¡school vulnerable71 What Should it watch out (or?

3. lA/hat recominendations wou'd you niaJ^e to senior marveling executives goiitg toward? What stoutd the company be sure to Go vatá its marketing?

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Advertising With Circulars

Advertising With Circulars

Co-op Mailing means that two or more businesses share in the cost and distribution of a direct mail campaign. It's kind of like having you and another non-competing business split the cost of printing, assembling and mailing an advertising flyer to a shared same market base.

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