hi Boston: .Mecraj Baharadwaj, Bahson College; Piolr Clielminski, Providence UniVC^ity; AL Delia Uiua, University of Rhode Island: Dan Dunn, Northeastern University; Michael McGinns Providence University; Mad a Nasr, Bentley College; Alphonse Oghuebi. Bryant College: John Tenpaco, Northeastern University; Elizabeth Wilson. Boston College; Fred Wright, Babson College.

til Chicago: Tim Auront, Northern Illinois University: linger BSrnn* DePiuji Universily: Janelle Hnrcelona, North Central College; Sanjay Dhar, Universily of Chicago: l.ori Zeldman, Purdue/Calanict; Stephen Goodwin, Illinois State University; Michael LaBotco, St. Francis College: Laura i.el i-Can m no. Ijcwis University; Lawrence Hamer, DcPaul University; Chem Narnyana, University of Illinois/Chicago; lames Oakley, Purdue University; Richard Slovacek, North Central College; Paul Wellen, iïooscveli Universily, in New Yort. Sandy Becker. Ht tigers University; Frank Fish. St. Thomas Aquinas College: Jack Lee, Baruch College, and his students; Gary Lynn, Stevens institute,

We are indebted to the following colleagues ai other universities who reviewed this new edition;

b Alan Au, University of I long Kong

■ Sandy Becker. Rutgers University n Frederic Brunei. Boston University i Lisa Cain, University of Cal ¡forma at Berkeley and Mills College

■ Eloh Cline, University of Iowa

.' Alton Erdern, University of Houston at Clear Lake u Elizabeth Evans, Concordia University -: Betsy Cielb. University of 1 louston at Clear ijike

■ Barbara Cross, California State University at Xorthridge n Lric Langer, Johns Hopkins University n Bart Matchiette. Plymouth University b Paul McPevftti University oflllinois at Springfield " Fra nefs Mu lite m. Mo r t h ives tern Un tveisi (y u /-htiiL Xan. University of I long Kong n Lisft Klein I'earo, Cornell University a Abe Qdstin, Lakeland University - Lopo Pegii. University of lot*®

□ Richard ¡lesei-sen, University of St.Thomas h AnuscmSinghapakdl, Old Dominion University

□ Mark Spriggs. University of St, Thomas n Sean Valentine. University of Wvoming ^ Ann Veeck, West M i chigtm \ 1 ni versi ty a Kevin ZengZhou, University of Hong Kong

We would also like to thank colleagues who have reviewed previous editions of Marketing Management.

Hiram tlarksdale. University of Georgia

Boris Becker, Oregon State University

Su ni I Bhatla, Case Western Reserve Univers it v loi in Burnett, University of Denver

Sitrjit Chhabra, DePaul University

Dennis CJayson, University flf ¡Vorthern Iowa

Brent Cunningham, Ph.D.: Jacksonville Stale University xXfetvili

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