Now That You Know What Do the Rest of You Know As Well

My last piece of good advice focuses around the issue of "siloiza-tion," the tendency of key functional groups in high-tech companies (development, marketing, sales, Q&A, and so on) to be ignorant of the value and contribution of other groups. Of course, a great deal of lip service is always being served in this regard. For example, I've actually never had a technologically driven company tell me they think their sales group is worthless; they simply act like it.

Of course, if you've done your reading and learned your history lessons, your managers and employees should be intellectually inoculated against this type of foolishness, but it's one thing to know something and another to feel it. My solution? Encourage members of your company to compete in business simulation games. Simulators from companies such as Forio and the famous Marketplace simulator that is sold by several companies allow your managers to game price wars, brand management, sales and marketing campaigns, distribution strategies, and more. Simulators are a marvelous opportunity to provide your employees with a chance opportunity to test ideas and concepts in cyberspace before they approach your bottom line.

Simulators are also excellent tools for encouraging teaching teamwork and collaboration if members of different groups from your company play in teams. Just about every person who plays in a simulator ends up learning the true value of cash flow and finances in a company's operations. I've played Marketplace; the game has a loan shark if you run out of cash, and you really don't want to meet him.


Ebay Cash Insider

Ebay Cash Insider

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