Unconditioned response, 123-124 Unconditioned stimulus, 123-124 Undifferentiated marketing, 50-51 Unduplicated reach, 318 Unfairness, 725

Unique selling proposition (USP), 256-257

Unique users, 487, 502

United Nations Statistical Yearbook, 683

U.S. Brewers Association, 714

U.S. Census Bureau, 469

U.S. Commerce Department, 683

U.S. Consumer Products Safety

Commission, 582 U.S. Government, 17 U.S. Navy, 622

U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy

(ONDCP), 773 U.S. Postal Service, 173, 463, 471, 711,

736-738, 743 U.S. Supreme Court commercial speech restrictions, 722 corrective advertising, 733 professional advertising, 714 puffery, 726, 727-728 Universal estimate (UE), 372 Up-front market, 358 Usage situation, 130 Usenet, 487

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