undifferentiated marketing (2) A strategy in which market segment differences are ignored and one product or service is offered to the entire market. unduplicated reach (10) The number of persons reached once with a media exposure. unfairness (21) A concept used by the Federal Trade Commission to determine unfair or deceptive advertising practices. Unfairness occurs when a trade practice causes substantial physical or economic injury to consumers, could not be avoided by consumers, and must not be outweighed by countervailing benefits to consumers or competition. unique selling proposition (8) An advertising strategy that focuses on a product or service attribute that is distinctive to a particular brand and offers an important benefit to the customer.

unique users (15) The number of different individuals who visit a site within a specific time period. up-front market (11) A buying period that takes place prior to the upcoming television season when the networks sell a large part of their commercial time.

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