Traditional Response Hierarchy Models

A number of models have been developed to depict the stages a consumer may pass through in moving from a state of not being aware of a company, product, or brand to actual purchase behavior. Figure 5-3 shows four of the best-known response hierarchy models. While these response models may appear similar, they were developed for different reasons.

The AIDA model was developed to represent the stages a salesperson must take a customer through in the personal-selling process.11 This model depicts the buyer as passing successively through attention, interest, desire, and action. The salesperson must first get the customer's attention and then arouse some interest in the company's

Figure 5-3 Models of the response process



AIDA modela

Hierarchy of effects modelb

Innovation adoption modelc

Information processing modeld

Cognitive stage


Awareness Knowledge


Presentation Attention Comprehension

Affective stage

Interest Desire

Liking Preference Conviction

Interest Evaluation

Yielding Retention

Behavioral stage



Trial Adoption


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