Target Market Coverage

The media planner determines which target markets should receive the most media emphasis. (In the media plan for Bumble Bee Tuna in Appendix B, this was determined to be women 25-54 and geographic markets.) Developing media strategies involves matching the most appropriate media to this market by asking, "Through which media and media vehicles can I best get my message to prospective buyers?" The issue here is to get coverage of the market, as shown in Figure 10-14. The optimal goal is full market coverage, shown in the second pie chart. But this is a very optimistic scenario. More realistically, conditions shown in the third and fourth charts are most likely to occur. In the third chart, the coverage of the media does not allow for coverage of the entire market, leaving some potential customers without exposure to the message. In the fourth chart, the marketer is faced with a problem of overexposure (also called waste coverage), in which the media coverage exceeds the targeted audience. If media coverage reaches people who are not sought as buyers and are not potential users, then it is wasted. (This term is used for coverage that reaches people who are not potential buyers and/or users. Consumers may not be part of the intended target market but may still be considered as potential—for example, those who buy the product as a gift for someone else.)

Full Market Partial Market Coverage Figure 10-14 Marketing

Coverage Coverage Exceeding coverage possibilities

Target Market

% Population excluding target market J Target market (18- to 35-year-old males and females) j Media coverage

S Media overexposure

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