mercials used either the slice-of-life or testimonial format. However, P&G has begun using humor, animation, and other less traditional execution styles and now relies less on slice-of-life or testimonials.18

Slice-of-life or problem/solution execution approaches are not limited to consumer-product advertising. Many business-to-business marketers use this type of advertising to demonstrate how their products and services can be used to solve business problems. For example, AT&T used this approach in executing the "It's all within your reach" campaign that promoted a broad array of the company's offerings. The ads in the campaign used emotionally charged moments to demonstrate how AT&T understands and helps individuals reach their goals by offering the most relevant solutions to the challenges of working and living in today's fast-paced world and managing one's personal life and business pressures.

An award-winning commercial from the campaign was a spot called "Beaches," which focused on a working mother and her very busy life (Exhibit 9-16). The ad addressed the problem facing many working parents: They would like to spend more time with their children but need to go to work and kids don't always understand why. This situation, and the frustration often associated with it, is captured in the ad when the little girl says to her mother, "Mom, when can I be a client?" Thanks to AT&T Wireless Services, the mother is able to take the kids to the beach and still conduct her important conference call as scheduled.19

Some business-to-business marketers use a variation of the problem/solution execution that is sometimes referred to as slice-of-death advertising.20 This execution style is used in conjunction with a fear appeal, as the focus is on the negative consequences that result when businesspeople make the wrong decision in choosing a supplier or service provider. For example, FedEx has used this type of advertising for nearly three decades through humorous, but to-the-point, commercials that show what might happen when important packages and documents aren't received on time.

Animation An advertising execution approach that has become popular in recent years is animation. With this technique, animated scenes are drawn by artists or created on the computer, and cartoons, puppets, or other types of fictional characters may be used. Cartoon animation is especially popular for commercials targeted at children.

Animated cartoon characters have also been used successfully by the Leo Burnett agency in campaigns for Green Giant vegetables (the Jolly Green Giant) and Keebler cookies (the Keebler elves). Another successful example of animation execution was the ad campaign developed for the California Raisin Advisory Board. A technique called Claymation was used to create the dancing raisin characters used in these ads.

The use of animation as an execution style may increase as creative specialists discover the possibilities of computer-generated graphics and other technological innova-tions.21 Exhibit 9-17 shows an ad for Stagg Chili that uses computer-generated graphics and animation.

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How to Sell Digital Products on Craigslist

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