ratings point (11) A measurement used to determine television viewing audiences in which one ratings point is the equivalent of 1 percent of all of the television households in a particular area tuned to a specific program. rational appeal (6) Communications in which features and/or benefits are directly presented in a logical, rational method. reach (10) The number of different audience members exposed at least once to a media vehicle (or vehicles) in a given period. readers per copy (10) A cost comparison figure used for magazines that estimates audience size based on pass-along readership.

recall tests (19) Advertising effectiveness tests designed to measure advertising recall. receiver (5) The person or persons with whom the sender of a message shares thoughts or information. recency effect (6) The theory that arguments presented at the end of the message are considered to be stronger and therefore are more likely to be remembered. recognition method (19) An advertising effectiveness measure of print ads that allows the advertiser to assess the impact of an ad in a single issue of a magazine over time and/or across alternative magazines. reference group (4) A group whose perspectives, values, or behavior is used by an individual as the basis for his or her judgments, opinions, and actions. refutational appeal (6) A type of message in which both sides of the issure are presented in the communication, with arguments offered to refute the opposing viewpoint. regional networks (11) A network that covers only a specific portion of the country. Regional network purchases are based in proportion to the percentage of the country receiving the message.

reinforcement (4) The rewards or favorable consequences associated with a particular response.

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