s distributes over 1 million of its Hemispheres magazines each month and estimates potential exposures at 1.7 million.47

• In-flight videos. In-flight videos have been common on international flights for some time and are now being used on domestic flights. Commercials were not originally included in these videos. Now about $18 million in commercials is booked on flights per year ($12 million on international flights).48 While not all airlines offer in-flight commercials, companies like Japan Air Lines, Delta, American, and British Airways are participating. Some of these commercial messages are as long as three minutes. For example, SKY-TV has features on United, TWA, and US Airways, with a bonus feature on broadcast.com included (Exhibit 13-14). American's CBS Eye on American is broadcast in English and Spanish.

• In-flight radio. USA Today's in-flight radio is run by the same people responsible for publishing its newspaper.

• In-flight catalogs. Twenty domestic airlines (as well as Amtrak) now offer in-flight shopping catalogs, with more than 90 percent of passengers having access. The catalogs usually range from 160 to 180 pages and include products offered by Sharper Image, Magellan's, Lego, and Hammacher Schlemmer, among many others.49

Advantages and Disadvantages of In-Flight Advertising Advantages of in-flight advertising include the following:

1. A desirable audience. The average traveler is 45 years old and has a household income over $83,700. Both business and tourist travelers tend to be upscale, an attractive audience to companies targeting these groups. Many of these passengers hold top management positions in their firms. Hemispheres reaches over 4 percent of business professionals and estimates that almost 71 percent of the magazine's readership are professionals. Other demographics are favorable as well (see Figure 13-12).50

2. A captive audience. As noted in the discussion about ticket covers, the audience in an airplane cannot leave the room. Particularly on long flights, many passengers are willing (and even happy) to have in-flight magazines to read, news to listen to, and even commercials to watch.

3. Cost. The cost of in-flight commercials is lower than that of business print media. A 30-second commercial on United Airlines that offers exposure to 3,500,000 passengers costs approximately $27,500. A four-color spread in Forbes and Fortune would cost double that amount. A full-page ad in American Way costs from $16,474 to $19,154 depending on the number of placements.51 The SKY-TV videos mentioned earlier cost less than a half-page ad in The Wall Street Journal.

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