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1. Analyze the role of integrated marketing communications in the recruitment efforts of various branches of the military such as the U.S. Army. How can each element of the promotional mix be used by the military in its recruitment marketing?

2. Discuss the role integrated marketing communications plays in relationship marketing. How might the mass customization of advertising and other forms of marketing communication be possible?

3. Choose a company or organization and discuss how it communicates with its customers at the corporate, marketing and the marketing communications levels.

4. Discuss how the integrated marketing communications perspective differs from traditional advertising and promotion. What are some of the reasons process in Figure 1-4 contains a number of steps: a review of the marketing plan; promotional program situation analysis; analysis of the communications process; budget determination; development more marketers and more companies are taking an integrated marketing communications perspective in their advertising and promotional programs?

5. Discuss the concept of buzz marketing and some of the reasons markets are using the technique. Do you think there are any ethical issues that should be considered in using buzz marketing techniques?

6. Why are marketers putting so much emphasis on developing strong brands? Choose one of the top 10 brands listed in IMC Perspective 1-2 and discuss how the company has used integrated marketing communications to build a strong brand image.

7. Discuss the role of direct marketing as an IMC tool,giving attention to the various forms of direct marketing.

of an integrated marketing communications program; integration and implementation of marketing communications strategies; and monitoring, evaluation, and control of the promotional program.

marketing plan,25 internal analysis, 25 external analysis, 28 marketing objectives, 31 communication objectives, 31

8. Analyze the role of the Internet in the integrated marketing communications program of a company. Discuss how the Internet can be used to execute the various elements of the promotional mix.

9. IMC Perspective 1-3 discusses how marketers responded to the tragedy resulting from the terrorist attack of September 11,2001. Do you think that companies are still being influenced by this tragedy with respect to the planning and execution of their integrated marketing communication programs? If so, how are they being affected?

10. Why is it important for those who work in the field of advertising and promotion to understand and appreciate all various integrated marketing communications tools, not just the area in which they specialize?

marketing, 7 exchange, 7

relationship marketing, 7 mass customization, 7 marketing mix, 8 integrated marketing communications (IMC),9

promotion, 16 promotional mix, 16 advertising, 16 direct marketing, 18 direct-response advertising,20 interactive media,20

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  • Erin
    Why marketers are taking an imc perspective to their advertising and promotion programs?
    8 years ago
    How marketers respond september 11 2001?
    8 years ago
  • Fesahaye Awate
    Why are marketers putting so much emphasis on developing strong brands?
    7 years ago
  • Layla
    Why are marketers taking an imc perspective to their advertising and promotional programs?
    6 years ago
  • tim
    Why are the marketer putting so much infaces on developing strong brand?
    3 years ago

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