Discuss The Challenges Marketers Face As They Develop Advertisements And Other Forms Of Marketing Communications For Young Hispanics. Do You Think Marketers Should Advertise To Bilingual Hispanics Teens In English Or Spanish

communication, 139 source, 141 encoding, 141 message, 141 semiotics, 142 channel, 143 mass media, 143 receiver, 143 decoding, 143 field of experience, 143

noise, 145 response, 145 feedback, 145 AIDA model, 147 hierarchy of effects model, 148 innovation adoption model, 148 information processing model, 148

standard learning model, 150 dissonance/attribution model, 151 low-involvement hierarchy, 152 cognitive responses, 157 counterarguments, 157 support arguments, 157 source derogations, 158

source bolsters, 158 ad execution-related thoughts, 158 attitude toward the ad, 158 elaboration likelihood model (ELM) ,158 central route to persuasion, 159 peripheral route to persuasion, 160

Discussion Questions

1. The opening vignette to the chapter discusses how EDS developed a new branding and positioning campaign around the "EDS Solved" theme. Analyze the decision by EDS to use high profile commercials such as "Cat Herders," "Running with the Squirrels," and the "Airplane" spots as part of its efforts to remake its identity and change the image of the company.

2. Discuss the challenges marketers face as they develop advertisements and other forms of marketing communications for young Hispanics. Do you think marketers should advertise to bilingual Hispanics teens in English or Spanish?

3. What is meant by encoding and decoding? Discuss how these two processes differ for radio versus television commercials.

4. Discuss how semiotics can be of value to the field of integrated mar keting communications. Select a marketing stimulus such as an advertisement, package, or other relevant marketing symbol and conduct a semiotic analysis of it such as the one shown in Exhibit 5-3.

5. The study discussed in IMC Perspective 5-2 suggests that ageism is a problem in the advertising business. Do you think young creative professionals can connect with and create ads that are effective for communicating with the mature market? What are some things that might be done to ensure that agencies do create ads that are relevant to older consumers?

6. Discuss how a company introducing an innovative new product might use the innovation adoption model in planning its ingegrated marketing communications program.

7. Assume that you are the marketing communications manager for a brand of paper towels. Discuss how the low-involvement hierarchy could be of value in developing an advertising and promotion strategy for this brand.

8. Evaluate the "Just Imagine" campaign for Whirlpool appliances discussed in IMC Perspective 5-3. Do you think this campaign will be effective in connecting with the working women Whirlpool is targeting? Why or why not?

9. Find an example of a print ad and evaluate it using the cognitive response model shown in Figure 5-8. Identify the specific types of cognitive responses that the ad might elicit from consumers and discuss why they might occur.

10. Explain what is meant by a central versus peripheral route to persuasion and the factors that would determine when each might be used by consumers in response to an advertisement.

Chapter Objectives

1. To study the major variables in the communication system and how they influence consumers' processing of promotional messages.

To examine different types of message structures and appeals that can be used to develop a promotional message.

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    How semiotics can be of value to the study of imc?
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    What are problems advertising must face?
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    How encoding differs for radio versus television commercials as well as for print ads?
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