Find An Example Of An Advertising Compaign And Evaluate The Creative Strategy And Tactics Used In The Ads.

1. The opening vignette discusses Nike's strategic initiative to improve the way the company does business with women which includes finding new ways to reach and communicate with them. Evaluate the efforts of Nike to reach women from an integrated marketing communications perspective. Do you feel Nike will be successful in its efforts to communicate with women?

2. Explain what is meant by creative strategy and creative tactics in advertising. Find an example of an advertising campaign and evaluate the creative strategy and tactics used in the ads.

strategy, implement it, and evaluate its effectiveness.

The challenge facing the writers, artists, and others who develop ads is to be creative and come up with fresh, unique, and appropriate ideas that can be used as solutions to communications problems. Creativity in advertising is a process of several stages, including preparation, incubation, illumination, verification, and revision. Various sources of information are available to help the creative specialists determine the best campaign theme,appeal, or execution style.

Creative strategy development is guided by specific goals and objectives and is based on a num

3. Figure 8-1 lists the various advertising campaign themes used by Burger King over the past 15 years. Why do you think the company has had such a difficult time finding an effective advertising theme and changed campaigns and agencies so many times? Find an example of a current Burger King ad and evaluate the advertising theme being used.

4. What is your opinion of advertising awards, such as the Cannes Lions, that are based solely on creativity? If you were a marketer, would you take these creative awards into consideration in your agency evaluation process? Why or why not?

ber of factors, including the target audience,the basic problem the advertising must address, the objectives the message seeks to accomplish, and the major selling idea or key benefit the advertiser wants to communicate. These factors are generally stated in a copy platform, which is a work plan used to guide development of the ad campaign. An important part of creative strategy is determining the major selling idea that will become the central theme of the campaign.There are several approaches to doing this, including using a unique selling proposition,creating a brand image, looking for inherent drama in the brand, and positioning.

major selling idea,255 unique selling proposition (USP), 256

image advertising, 257 inherent drama,258

5. Find an example of an advertising campaign for a company or brand that you feel is very good and evaluate it using the universal advertising standards of the D'Arcy Benton & Bowles agency that are shown in Figure 8-2. Discuss how the advertising reflects these standards.

6. IMC Perspective 8-2 discusses the debate over creative versus hard-sell advertising. Discuss the arguments for and against each perspective. Which do you support? Who should be responsible for judging the creativity of an ad—clients or agency creative personnel?

creative strategy, 237 creative tactics, 237 advertising creativity, 241

account planning, 246 general preplanning input, 247

product/service-specific preplanning input, 248

problem detection, 248 focus groups,250 ethnographic research, 250

storyboard,25I animatic,25I advertising campaign, 25I

campaign theme,25I copy platform, 254

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