InStore Media

Advertisers spend an estimated $17 billion to promote their products in supermarkets and other stores with untypical media like displays, banners, and shelf signs. These point-of-purchase materials include video displays on shopping carts, kiosks that provide recipes and beauty tips, and coupons at counters and cash registers, LED (light-emitting diode) boards, and ads that broadcast over in-house screens. At one time, Miller Brewing Co. used 30 to 40 agencies to provide these services (it now uses 10). Figure 13-4 lists a few of the many in-store media options.

Much of the attraction of point-of-purchase media is based on figures from the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI) that state approximately two-thirds of consumers' purchase decisions are made in the store; some impulse categories demonstrate an 80 percent rate.8 Many advertisers are spending more of their dollars where decisions are made now that they can reach consumers at the point of purchase, providing additional product information while reducing their own efforts.

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