Exhibit 8-5 Advertising industry publications are excellent sources of information on market trends

Exhibit 8-6 DDB

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including local, state, and federal governments, secondary research suppliers, and various industry trade associations, as well as advertising and media organizations. For example, advertising industry groups like the American Association of Advertising Agencies and media organizations like the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) publish research reports and newsletters that provide information on market trends and developments and how they might affect consumers. Those involved in developing creative strategy can also gather relevant and timely information by reading publications like Adweek, Advertising Age, BrandWeek, and The Wall Street Journal (Exhibit 8-5).

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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

When you think of mail order, you probably think in terms of advertising in the magazines and newspapers, possibly even direct mail. These are the standard and accepted advertising forms of getting orders by mail.

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