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Promotion, Sixth Edition Integrated Marketing Planning and Development Companies, 2003

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Exhibit 8-4 Wrigley's takes more of a creative risk with its new ads and began using a new campaign that focuses on the product's bold cinnamon taste and little "wisdoms" regarding fresh breath (Exhibit 8-4).

Not all companies or agencies agree that advertising has to be risky to be effective, however. Many marketing managers are more comfortable with advertising that simply communicates product or service features and benefits and gives the consumer a reason to buy. They see their ad campaigns as multimillion-dollar investments whose goal is to sell the product rather than finance the whims of their agency's creative staff. They argue that some creative people have lost sight of advertising's bottom line: Does it sell? IMC Perspective 8-2 discusses the ongoing debate over the artsy, image-oriented approach to advertising taken by many creative types versus the more hard-sell approach that many clients prefer.

The issue of how much latitude creative people should be given and how much risk the client should be willing to take is open to considerable debate. However, clients and agency personnel generally agree that the ability to develop novel yet appropriate approaches to communicating with the customer makes the creative specialist valuable—and often hard to find.

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